The Village Chronicle

The Village Chronicle

Any G&S fans out there?

THE PHOENIX Singers, to which Ed and a few other villagers belong, hope to put on a staged version of Gilbert and Sullivan's Trial by Jury at the Episkopi SPACE Theatre towards the end of November.
Rehearsals will begin in earnest (Wednesdays 5-7pm) in September. More chorus members are needed, so anyone who enjoys a good sing and a lot of fun would be very welcome to join in. You don't have to have an audition or be able to read music!
Please contact Ed (details on page 1), Bob or Diane, or Colin Rugg.

We'll keep a welcome

THERE have been several new additions to the Kalo Chorio ex-pat population since the last issue and we extend a warm welcome to them all.

  • Isabel, who has long owned the house on the main road at the bottom of Bob's lane, has taken up permanent residence now she has retired.
  • John and Ann Charalambous, from Bury St Edmunds, are still flitting backwards and forwards but will shortly be here full-time in the house on the corner opposite the hairpin.
  • Steve and Sue are the new inhabitants of David and Leanne's former home, and with them is Sue's mother June, who is herself looking to buy property.
  • June's son Nick and his wife Sarah, with son Daniel, are working hard on the house next to the shop, renting a house near the tavern until their own is ready.
  • Dot and Ron Wells, with their cats, have moved into what was Kronk-ny-Kewin.
  • Lynne Kenning is working out her last term of teaching in Germany then will be here like