The Village Chronicle

The Village Chronicle


Three-day festival
THE ANNUAL Commandaria
festival will take place in August as usual, but this year it is
proposed to hold a three-day event, August 13-15, with the main dance on the Sunday.
It was suggested that the first night could be a British night but to date there have been no volunteers for entertainment. There may also be a drama performance by members of the village on the Saturday evening.
Give blood
ANYONE who is under 60 and not on permanent medication is invited to join the register of blood donors in the village. The mukhtar keeps a list of available donors and will notify them of sessions as necessary.
Artistic thanks
THE CHILDREN of the village kindergarten sent us all, via Marjorie, a letter of thanks for our monetary contribution, accompanied by some wonderful cards and pictures they had created specially for us.
Knots tied
TWO VILLAGE weddings were celebrated last month. We offer our congratulations to the son of Panicos-the-teacher,  the grandson of Mrs Andriana and their respective new wives. All of us very much

R.I.P Mr Rik
THE CHRONICLE reports with sadness the death of 'Mr Rik' Dupre on 5 June 2004 at
the age of 85.
A pioneering ex-pat, Rik
was often referred to as the first 'English Mukhtar' of
Kalo Chorio, and over the years he and his family spent a great deal of time at their house, Balladupre, in the
village he loved.
He was a well-known and popular figure and his sense of humour was legendary.